Dog bites or dog attacks can be the scariest and most brutal types of injuries. Our office has handled a significant number of dog bite/dog attack cases, many involving little children. These types of injury cases are often extremely difficult to deal with for the victim, from a physical and a psychological standpoint. In dog bite cases, there are many investigative and legal issues that need to be completed in order to ensure that our clients are protected and receive the fairest and reasonable monetary settlement to compensate them for their medical bills as well as the immense pain and suffering involved. Here are a few examples of services our office provides to ensure your claim is handled the right way:

Investigate The Owner Of The Dog

In California, if someone owns a dog, and their dog bites another person, the owner is automatically responsible for the injuries and damages that their dog causes. Therefore, immediately after taking a dog bite case, our office conducts a comprehensive investigation into the ownership of the dog, which includes procuring the dog license, veterinary records, as well as any other applicable information that would help identity the identity of the owner(s).

In addition, there are separate negligence and strict liability laws that apply to someone who is merely keeping or watching a dog, rather than owning it outright. Further, we handle cases involving landlords who rent out their property and where the renter’s dog has injured somebody. The bottom line is that our expertise in understanding and knowing the law, finding available insurance coverage, and investigating cases with an eye towards getting our clients compensated, allows our office to achieve outstanding results.

Help Facilitate a Full Investigation By Animal Control

Once a dog bite or dog attack occurs, the appropriate Animal Control agency must be contacted in order to conduct a thorough and complete investigation into the incident. This investigation can greatly aid our office in our own investigation. For example, in a case involving a negligence theory against a non-owner, prior attacks by the same dog, which are documented by Animal Control, can be a key factor in enabling our office to get our client the proper compensation. There are many examples where an Animal Control investigation has greatly aided our ability to get our clients a fair and reasonable recovery.

Ensure That You Get Treatment From The Best and Most Skilled Doctors In Your Area To Understand The Full Nature And Extent Of Your Injury

Dog bite cases vary in severity. Some are relatively minor in nature, that require initial emergency treatment in the form of wound care and shots with very little follow up. Other cases involve maulings, that require multiple surgeries, often reconstructive in nature, as well as psychological treatment with therapists to ensure that the mental scars heal as well. Our office is here to serve our clients in whatever capacity necessary, and most importantly, we strive to make sure that our clients are treated by the best and most skilled doctors in their area to understand the full nature and extent of their injury. Our office has health care facilities all over California that we work with and we can refer you to in order to ensure that you are treated the right way. Whether you have health insurance, Medi-Cal or Medi-Care, or are uninsured, we will find you the right doctors and it won’t cost you any money up front.

If you or a loved one had been the victim of a dog bite you need to retain one the best dog bite attorneys in Los Angeles for your case. Whether it was by an accident, negligence or intentional, Bradley Wallace has extensive experience as a dog bite lawyer and has handled many complicated dog bite lawsuits. Bradley Wallace has prevailed in many dog bite cases and will fight hard to get you the settlement you deserve.

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