Mr. Wallace has handled a significant number of wrongful death cases in his career. He has achieved outstanding results, both through jury verdict and settlement.

Mr. Wallace was lead counsel in the civil trial, where the jury returned a verdict in the total amount of $3.6 million dollars. The jury awarded $3 million for past and future loss resulting from the wrongful death and awarded $600,000 for the past and future emotional distress of plaintiff, Ji Zeng.

Case Title: Zeng. v. Lu, L.A.S.C.

Case No.: GC043481
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Cases involving wrongful death are very serious and demand the utmost respect and attention. In the aftermath of a tragic loss, the decedent’s family often struggles emotionally, psychologically, and financially. There are often no words to comfort the surviving family members dealing with the loss of a loved one. Make no mistake, there is no amount of money in the world that can replace someone who has died or been killed prematurely.

The law in California allows the immediate surviving family members of a decedent to pursue a wrongful death claim against the person, people, or entity that may have caused or contributed to the death of a loved one. This claim is made in an effort to hold those responsible for the accident accountable and provide compensation for the loss of life and loss of financial support.

We have handled many wrongful death claims and are committed 100% to being there every step of the way.

A well-planned strategy, including the retention of top experts to assess liability, damages, and economic losses, are a few of the reasons why we get results. In a wrongful death case, our objective is to get effective results while maintaining the integrity necessary to allow our clients to move forward with their lives after such a terrible and tragic loss

If your loved one had been the victim of a wrongful death, you need to retain the best wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles for your case. Whether it was by an accident, negligence or a serious injury, Bradley Wallace has extensive experience as a wrongful death lawyer and has handled many complicated wrongful death lawsuits. Often times a loved one is the victim of negligence in a nursing home or hospital. These are difficult cases as the hospital or nursing home will often put up a defense that the injured party was already ill or beyond their ability to help. However, much of the time, the hospital or nursing home is at fault. The standard of care varies from facility to facility. Only a highly experienced wrongful death attorney will be able to discern and illustrate the differences in these matters. Bradley Wallace is the best wrongful death lawyer at dealing with these matters. Bradley Wallace has prevailed in many wrongful death cases and will fight hard to get the settlement you deserve.

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